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CHEMiTEC defines as key priorities serving the specialized needs of our customers with the use of modern and reliable technologies, which provide the best technical and economic approach, and also are distinguished for their respect for the environment.


We invest in stable partnerships both at the customer-level and between partners/suppliers. Our main values are characterized by trust, ethics and dignity which we believe entrepreneurship is all about.


Our primary target is to create added value through the scientific knowledge and technical ability that we are constantly developing. We base our competitiveness on our projects and the stable collaborations that result through the satisfaction of our customers.


With responsibility and dedication to our principles, our vision is the continuous growth, development of our company and the strengthening of our international export orientation.

Our corporate philosophy is governed by strong values ​​that are the reason for the existence and development of our company. They additionally govern our relationships with both our customers and our partners.


Service & Consistency

Safety & Quality

Trust & Responsibility

Flexibility & Evolution

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